During CityGo project consortium developed a concept of efficient teaching/learning in collaborative online community, where students were solving particular societal challenges on Sustainable City. First element of the effective collaborative online community is Digital content library. Modules were created according prepared Framework, following 3 main principles: “How-to?” oriented content, Microlearning and Gamification elements.

6 Modules (6 ECTS-credits each) were developed:  Mental Health Promotion and Well-being (University of Maia, Portugal), Human-Robot Interaction (University of Patras, Greece), Urban Design – Sustainable Downtown Area in the City (Bialystok University of Technology, Poland), Sustainable Mobility (University of Pardubice, Czech Republic), Non-residential Building (s) and Area Development Project (Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, Lithuania), and Resource-efficient 3D Printing (Europa-Universitat Flensburg, Germany).

You can find the Modules following the link.

Based on the University of Maia digital teaching experiences and students’ survey, it was identified that the Discord platform is the most attractive for young people now. Therefore, the Discord platform was the second element of an effective collaborative online community and was chosen as a communication tool

You can join Discord following the link.